70W Soldering Iron Controller

Design by: Sjaak

  • Compatible with a large range of tips.
  • Flexible input voltages: 12-24Vdc (only 24Vdc will give the maximum output of 70W)
  • Indicating LED when power is applied to the tip.
  • Optional powerdown/sleep input.
  • Crisp 0.91” OLED Display with 128×32 pixels.
  • Two seperate PCBs; one controller and one userinterface board. Connected together with a flex cable.
  • Easy to callibrate (only requires leaded 60-40 solder and some patience).
  • Upto 31 calibrated tips are stored in internal EEPROM.
  • Firmware is available and adaptable.
  • slim design (5x5cm).
  • Usersettings are stored in EEPROM.

More information is available here: http://smdprutser.nl/project/70w-soldering-iron-controller/.