Q2W raspberry-pi-interface-board_plus 2 I2C

Design by: Dretful

This is the Q2W interface board, but added to it are 2 i2C headers (optional). Google the board for details. Works with the other boards I put up here. R1 to 8 330R (bank next to GPIO). R9 100R (next to LED). R10-16 10k. C1 10uF tantalum. IC1 LD117A33 (voltage reg). Q1-2 (FET) VN10LP. D10-5A signal diode array - hard to find, but can use a pair of D9-1A and D9-1C, or make one. see https://raspi.tv/2012/quick2wire-pi-interface-board-beta-review

Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm