SMD Footprint Breadboard Adapters

Design by: 6254

This is a set of basic breakout boards for using common size SMD components on a breadboard. This board is actually 6 pieces panelized together. You can snap apart the individual boards or cut them if you prefer. The thru-hole pins are all standard 1.27mm pitch. There are 5 unique pieces with one piece duplicated on the panel. The board has footprints for the following surface mount designs: 1x SO(IC) 20pin 1.27mm pitch 1x (T)SSOP 20pin 0.65mm pitch 1x TQFP 32pin or less 1x QFN 28pin or less 1x SOT23 6pin or less 1x SOT23 3pin 1x SOIC 8pin 1.27mm pitch 1x (T)SSOP / MSOP 8 pin 2x SOP 6pin 0.5mm pitch 2x SOP 6pin 0.65mm pitch This is a prototype board so please confirm the details by carefully looking at the schematic and ensuring it meets your needs.

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm